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About FarmInvest

Steve Burt


Steve’s strategic thinking and negotiating skills have been the linchpin of growth in numerous agribusiness ventures.

Responsible for the green fields establishment of the Nidera Group’s Concordia Agritrading business in Australia, he went on to be central in identifying and negotiating Nidera Groups investment in PentAG in April 2010.

As Managing Director of the joint venture entity, he brought Toyota Tshusho to the table to take a 10% equity stake in PentAG Nidera in 2012.

This business now trades and handles in excess of $600 million of Australian grain, pulses, and oilseeds annually, and has shareholdings in several subsidiary companies including grain handling, road transport, and New Zealand based feed importation businesses.

Steve Burt - FarmInvest Australia

Recent Positions

  • Managing Director: PentAG Nidera Pty Ltd
  • Director: PentAG Nidera Grain Pools Pty Ltd
  • Chairman: HPN Agriproducts, New Zealand
  • Director: Australian Grain Exporters Association