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About FarmInvest

Matthew Schmerl

Director COO & Investment Manager

Matt has operated between grain acquisition, risk management and the trade throughout his working life. Understanding farming businesses from the ground up and tailoring products to fit these requirements has been his stock in trade.

Matt has developed, implemented and managed innovative products including commodity pool products (for both PentAG Nidera and AWB Limited), and Over The Counter risk management products operated under an Australian Financial Services License. Matt has held a number of executive positions responsible for the accumulation and price risk management of grain.

Matthew Schmerl - FarmInvest Australia

Recent Positions

  • Director: PentAG Nidera Grain Pools Pty Ltd
  • Commodity Pool Manager: PentAG Nidera Pty Ltd
  • National Accumulation Manager: PentAG Nidera Pty Ltd