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The Directors of FarmInvest Australia are pleased to introduce the Australian Farmland Investment Fund to local and international investors. FarmInvest Australia offers Units in the Fund as an authorised representative under the Australian Financial Services License held by Capricorn Investment Partners.

Historically land values in Australia have remained undervalued compared to other major first world agricultural producing regions, and this presents a live opportunity to capitalise on the economic value that can be generated from long term investment in this asset class.

The aim of the Fund is to create a diversified portfolio of land assets, across both production systems and geographical regions. The Fund does not intend to operate farming businesses but rather lease the land to experienced professional farmers with a proven track record and management capacity. This will allow investors to effectively invest across a broad range of Australian agricultural land assets, under a professional asset management regime, designed to optimise exposure to capital growth whilst accessing annual distributions through lease returns.

The Directors of FarmInvest Australia have significant expertise in agribusiness and corporate management, financial management and corporate governance. They come from a diverse range of agribusiness backgrounds, including operational farming, farm management planning, commodity trading, international business and trade, financial management and accounting.

The Australian Farmland Investment Fund is being created to take advantage of the significant opportunity for an agricultural land fund to capitalise on the ongoing demand for sustainable, food producing land assets, in a stable socio-political environment, proximate to the growing population base of Asia and the Subcontinent.

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