Welcome to FarmInvest Australia

FarmInvest Australia has established the Australian Farmland Investment Fund, for the purpose of investing in Australian agricultural land.

The fund will purchase farm land and will lease it to professional farmers with the intention of building a geographically diversified portfolio of cropping, dairy, grazing and intensive agricultural land.

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Welcome to FarmInvest Australia - FarmInvest Australia

Investors will have access to both Capital growth and rental income.

Australia’s proximity to the fast growing economies of Asia maximises the opportunity to participate in the growing Asian demand for quality food products.

While Australian land values are among the lowest in the developed world, the investment environment is highly regarded. Factors which contribute to the favourable investment environment include secure land tenure, its sophisticated legal system and its open and strong economy.

The Australian Land Fund is managed by a team of proven agricultural and agribusiness professionals. These professionals include specialist consultants to rural industries, practising farmers and agribusiness managers.

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Welcome to FarmInvest Australia - FarmInvest Australia

The aim of the Fund is to create a diversified portfolio of land assets, across both production systems and geographical regions. The Fund does not intend to operate farming businesses but rather lease the land to experienced professional farmers with a proven track record and management capacity.

Steve Burt - Chairman